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Science Fiction Book Club Canada

Join Book Club to buy Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novels

6 titles for $1
For classic and modern science fiction and fantasy readers.
Initial Cost Shipping & Handling Savings Means of Payment Sales Tax
$15.95 $5.50 for one, $9.75 for two, $12.70 for three, $13.60 for four or more Up to 50% OFF publishers′ edition prices on every book you buy. Card / Bill n/a
Your favorite sci-fi and fantasy books at Science Fiction book clubs. With membership you can choose from your beloved authors and pay less. Your savings can be up to 65% off the publishers' edition prices. Join today and enjoy great introductory offer!

Science Fiction Book Club Membership

Sci-fi book club membership is a good alternative to a book store. First of all, you choose from a wide selection of science fiction, fantasy and horror novels. Anything from old classics to the newest authors. Second, you buy books without leaving the comfort of your home. You can shop at any hour and take as much time as you need. And last but not least, you pay for books of your choice considerably less. Your savings can be up to 65% off! You start saving when you join with the great introductory offer. And you continue saving later on. Check out special sales and offers for fantasy book club members! Join today and start saving on your favorite sci-fi titles!

Fantasy Book Clubs Collection

Fantasy book clubs offer their members a wide collection of titles. Readers can choose from best selling science fiction, fantasy, horror, graphic novels, and more. Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings series are always presented. Sci-fi and fantasy guarantee their members regular new arrivals to make sure booklovers don't get bored and always have a fresh selection of books to choose from. Members have an option to subscribe to the club's newsletter to be always in the know about the latest arrivals and new upcoming editions. Join and enjoy great literature at low prices!
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